Hi and welcome! A little about me before we get started.

My name is Moksha. Pronounced ˈmōk-SHah/ The orgin is: Sanskrit, meaning enlightenment, liberation, and release. A lot to live up to! I am originally from beautiful Ojai California and have resided in Los Angeles for the last 29 years. I fell in love with photography at an early age. I have always been known as, “the friend with the camera". Photography has just always been a part of me, a passion. I see beautiful images in everything and I can’t help but capture moments everywhere I go.

For 16 years I spent my days and nights in an Audio Post Production studio producing amazing projects like the restorations of ‘The Godfather’, ‘Terminator 2’, and ‘The James Bond' collection. My career was crazy and stressful, yet satisfying. The studios were my life and I loved it! However everything changed when my son was born.

Now, I am a mom who lives for my family. Lincoln became my muse. I was never able to put down my camera again. I quickly resigned from my successful career to pursue my passion of motherhood and photography. Now, I capture memories full time for my family, friends and clients like you. Linc Imagery is my dream career.

I create images that capture your special moments with an artful eye, that has all my love and passion behind it. Up close and personal, capturing each soul behind those amazing eyes.

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